How to upload GIRO file to UOB

On Carbonate, you can upload GIRO file to UOB to automate your payroll process.

Before uploading giro file in UOB bank kindly make sure payroll data are available in the system for the users.

Follow the steps below to upload GIRO file to UOB:

Step 1.
  • Choose Payroll on the left side menu.
Step 2.
  • Choose Generate GIRO file on the drop down menu shown below:
Step 3.
  • Fill out all the required information on the pop up page.
Step 4

If we apply payslip fetch filter, we can add the outlet and  payment date details and giro file will be generated accordingly.

Step 5
  • Click Generate button.
Step 5.
  • Please login to your UOB Business Internet Banking Plus account.


  • Hover your mouse over Payment Services and click on Generic File Upload.
Step 6.
  • Click on File Upload and attach the GIRO file.
Step 7.
  • Click on Submit.
Step 8.
  • Click on Ok.
Step 9.
  • If submitted successfully, the message will appear as “The transaction has been successfully submitted.”

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