How to Upload Giro File for Maybank

Submit payment by uploading a file for processing.

Before uploading the giro file in  Maybank kindly make sure payroll data are available in the system for the users.

Step 1:

Click on the Payroll on the left-side menu.

Step 2:

Click on Generate GIRO file at the top of the page.

Step 3:

On the form, select Hiring Company, type in Company Account Number, Contribution Month, Execute Transaction Date (Salary transfer date), Company bank Code (Swift code), Your Reference and on behalf of and click on Generate button at the bottom to generate Maybank GIRO file.

Step 4:

Fill out all the required information on the pop-up page.

Step 5

If we apply payslip fetch filter, we can add the outlet and  payment date details and giro file will be generated accordingly.

Step 6

Click Generate button.

Step 6:

Enter the details in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with the correct format.

Step 7:

Save the file as CSV format.

Step 8:

Go to where you saved the CSV file. Right-click the CSV data file and click “Open With” and select “Notepad”.

Step 9:

Go to payment by file upload, new submission under APS+ service.

Step 10:

Click on new submission at the left menu and click Click here to proceed.

Step 11:

Input the data before you upload your text file.

Step 12:

Click on choose file to pull the file for submission from the local computer file.

Step 13:

Click on upload button to proceed with the validation of the data file.

Step 14:

Upon completion of the File validation, click on the button to proceed with the submission.

Step 15:

The next screen will show you the summary and details of the text file you have uploaded. If you are OK with the details, click the button to proceed with the next screen.

Step 16:

Confirm transaction with One-Time Password (OTP). You can review the details of the uploaded file by clicking on the view details button.

Step 17:

Click create to complete the Creation.

Step 18:

Check status after creation.

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