How to send reminders to approvers for pending claims?

When claims are pending for a long time, employees may feel being undervalued.   If you wish to enable the alerts to admin and approvers for the claims, you can set it up easily on Carbonate.

Kindly check if the claims are submitted by the users first in the system before enabling the alert.

Step 1

Go to the Settings.

Step 2

Click on Alert under the More section.

Step 3

Enable the alert for claims.

Step 4

Set the time for the alert.

Step 5

Select the people for whom you want to send the alert.

Step 6

Click on Save.


Note : 

  • Once this alert is enabled, the system will send an email/mobile notification to the person who’s responsible for approving/rejecting the claims.
  • In case of more than one person, the system will alert  all approvers until the claim is  approved or rejected.

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