How to deactivate the Duplicate Device Warning?

When employees use the same mobile device, a notification of Carbonate Duplicate Device Alert will be sent through e-mail. If the Duplicate Device Warning notification is bothersome, you can quickly turn off the Alert.

Before proceeding, please make sure that the users have received an e-mail notification for the same device.

Only the Admin and Managers with Alert Privileges can deactivate the notification set up. 

Step 1.

Go to the Settings section. Hover the mouse over the More tab, then select the Alert.

Step 2.

Scroll down the Alert Setting. On the “Alert for the same mobile device used by staff?”, click the No button.

Then, click Save.

Step 2A.

Here is the sample of the E-mail notification sent by Carbonate.

Once you deactivate the same device alert, users will not receive this.

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