How to connect Thermal device to Wifi

Please check if you have created/set up the Thermal scan general settings before setting up the wifi.

Step 1.
  • Turn on the thermal device and tap on the home button on the screen.
Step 2.
  • Go to the menu.
Step 3.
  • Tap on “Comm”
Step 4.
  • Tap on “Mode”
  • Select “Internet”
  • Tap on “Wifi”
Step 5.
  • Tap on “Enable” and select “yes”
  • Tap on “search” and look for your wifi connection.
Step 6
  • Tap on your wifi name
Step 7.
  • Enter the password.
  • Wait for the internet to be connected and then tap “Esc”.
Step 8.
  • Tap on “DHCP” and select “Yes”
Step 9.
  • Tap on “Ethernet”
  • Tap on “Enable” and select “No”.
Step 10.
  • Tap on “NTP”
  • NTP must be “No”
  • NTP Server must be
Step 11.
  • Tap on “Server”
  • Tap on Server Response time and set it to “3”
  • Tap on “Server” and type in the ip address:


    ○Tap on “Ok”

  • Tap on “Server Port” and set it to “8998”
  • Do not change the “SN” number
  • Do not change the “CN” number

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