How can Admin/Manager check all the actions taken on claim?

Under the Claim section in Payroll, all the people tagged in the 'Submit Claim to' section must accept the claim. When the final admin checks the claim, they should be able to see who accepted the claim.

We can keep track of the following actions for claim history and take action accordingly.

  1. To show all the actions taken on the claim and by whom (right now, only the name of the person who approved/declined it last can be seen)
  2. If the final approver has accepted/rejected the claim, no other employees can take any action to whom the claim is submitted.
  3. If there is more than 1 final approver, they can override each other's action and not the other employees to whom the claim is submitted.

Please check if you have submitted a claim before check on the claim history.

Step 1.

Choose Payroll on the left side menu.

Step 2

Click on the drop-down menu shown below the image and choose Claims.

Step 3

Go to the Team section of the claim and check for the particular claim.

Step 4

Click on details.

Step 5

Select the claims you want to check, such as the claim history and action taken by the concerned persons.

Step 6

Kindly hover on the status  to see the claim history.

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