Export the Payroll Report By Entity and By Department

In Carbonate HR, we can export the Payroll report showing the total amount per entity and divided it into departments. The report should look like there will be Entity and that Entity has multiple Departments and below those Departments, there will be a showing of the Department Subtotal. 

If there are multiple entities, then also it should follow the same above format.

  • Entity 1
    • Dep 1
    • Dep 2
    • Dep 3
      • Dep Sub Total
  • Entity 2
    • Dep a
    • Dep b
    • Dep c
      • Dep Sub Total

Before doing so, the payroll must be processed and a payslip is generated for the period. Below is the user guide for your reference.


Step 1

On the dashboard, go to the Payroll section.

Step 2

 Click on the File Generation dropdown then select the option Export Payslip History.

Step 3

In the Export Payslip History popup, choose the appropriate Month/Year.

Select the option “Export Data based on the Entities” from the Independent Variables dropdown. Toggle the button on the Export Group Data based on the Entities.

On the dropdown, select Group Data based on the Department.

Click Export.

Step 4

Open up the downloaded file. 

The report should look like this.  The hierarchy will be followed by Entity > Department > sub Department > Total/Summary.

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