Audit Trail Naming

The audit trail helps the manager get a better understanding of the Staff performance and accomplishment.  Audit trail naming lets you get an excel format and enable editing via any spreadsheet application. 

Please check if you have added the staff to the staff list and outlet before making any changes.

How to create/add employees to the Staff list?

How to create an outlet on Carbonate?

Step 1.

Go to the Staff List section.  

On the “Select Export Option”, click the “Export Audit Trail”.

Step 2.

Select the date range.

Select the file format to “Generate Excel File”.

Define the outlet name and Staff name.

Then, click Download.

Step 3.

A prompt will appear if the download is successful.

Step 4.

Check your email for the Audit Trail report in an excel format. 

Data should be shown segregated module-wise in the same sheet.

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