Holistic Attendance on Carbonate through new upgrade

Piyush Sharma
Jun 22

Carbonate, the HR application that we all know and love now comes new and improved!

Significant additions and improvements have been made to components of the application.

This series of blog posts covers these updates and today’s blog post will guide you through some of the hot new features of the Attendance section of the Carbonate application.


In the brand new and improved Carbonate, Attendance remains a relatively straightforward process.

First off, once you hit the Attendance main page, you get a clear overview of Recent Requests with key details such as the name of the staff/team member and the date as well as time. From here, you will be able to approve/reject these requests and also get to edit the profile of the staff/team member by simply clicking on his/her name. From this main Attendance page, you will be able to access a search bar where you can zero in on a specific individual in the page.


Overall, consolidation is the name of the game and by clicking on the outlet that appears along with the name of the staff/team member on this page, you will be brought to the Edit outlet screen where you can do just that.


In keeping with the holistic nature of the section, you get to see a Requests history page with details that also include the staff/team member's designation/title as well as the request status (checked in or rejected) and even a map of the outlet involved.

From your Attendance page, you get to manage Daily attendance tracking and the power to edit the attendance in case there is wrong entry.


At just the click of a button (See all), you will get to filter your selection by time (Today, Last 7 days and Last 30 days).


Another powerful feature is the ability to simply convert your attendance into a hardcopy version using the Attendance export function. This will allow you to download the attendance report whenever you need it.


Powerful filtering options can be used to produce custom reports by date, staff/team member and outlet.

Stay on top of your organisation through seamless HR practices

Missed check outs can be a real pain and things can get messy if you do not have a means of being notified of check outs you may have missed.

Now, you can monitor your staff's/team member's Check-ins and Check-outs with the help of the timestamp and you also have the option to allow your staff/team members to check-in and check-out from any location.


With a standalone section for “Missed Check-outs”, this hassle is set to be a thing of the past and when combined with the other features of the Attendance section give you the ability to run your HR like a pro.

A smarter HR system for a smarter business: Carbonate helps you keep track of attendance and leaves in your company, and keeps you connected to your staff with its built-in broadcasting and promotion messaging tool. Its employee profiles and HR leave management system meet MOM 2016 Employment Act Amendment requirements. Click here to find out more.

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