How to publish an Employee Handbook?

Employee Handbook is crucial.  It serves as the guide for new hires in understanding the mission, vision, and standard operating procedures.  It may contain policies, reprimands, and much other vital information as well.

If you want to publish an employee handbook for all employees or individual employees, here are the easy steps to implement in the Carbonate.  An email notification will be received by the employee when the handbook is published.

Simply sign up to Carbonate with your credentials.


Step 1

Go to the Documents section.

Step 2

Click on Create.

Step 3(a)

Click on employee handbook.

Step 3(b)

Add the template and click on preview.

Step 4

Save the documents and click on publish.

Case 1

If you wish that all employees can see the handbook, select the “All your Employee Profiles” for the drop-down list. Then, click the Publish button.

Case 2 (Step 1)

If you wish that only certain employees can see the handbook, select “Individual Employee Profiles.” Then, click the Publish button.

Step 2:

You can choose selected employees to view the handbook by clicking on the blue arrow beside the employee name list, as shown in the sample image.

You can also remove selected employees by clicking on the red X button beside the employee name list, as shown in the sample image.

After doing so, scroll down at the bottom of your employee list, and then click on “Publish”.

Case 3

If you wish to preview the handbook ,click on preview option.

Case 4

If you wish to edit the content of your handbook template. Click on the “Edit” option.

Step 1:

After clicking the edit button, it will let you modify your content.

Click on update once the modification is done.


Step 2:

You can also trigger this events as per your wish by selecting the checkbox and update it accordingly.

Step 3:

Once the employee handbook is published, an email notification will be sent to the employee. 

Employee Handbook

You can watch the video here:

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