How to deduct from leave balance when an employee applies more than the allowed days?

If an employee applies for more than the maximum days allowed at once and with off days/rest days/Public Holidays (Calendar days) in between, the excess on the maximum day allowed will be deducted from the leave balance. 

Should you need to set this feature from the leave settings, follow the steps below.

Please check if the leave types are created before making any changes.




Step 1

Go to the Settings.

Step 2

Click on the Leave/holiday tab.

Step 3

Go to the Leave type.

Step 4

Click on Edit.

Step 5

Enable the deduct balance for leave days by clicking the Yes button.

Step 6

Set the maximum no of days allowed.


Note: If the employee applies for more than 4 days at once, any off-days within that time range will be deducted off the leave balance.

Step 7

Click on Save.

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