Settings Log

Carbonate HR system lets you track the changes made to the policies. It creates a log of events and creates restore points with the ability to revert the changes to the previous ones.

Here are the steps to check the settings log and revert the setting to the past restore point.

At first Please login to Carbonate with your credentials.

Step 1

Click on the settings from the left navigation

Step 2

To see the log of the changes, click on the “Log” button at the top right corner

Step 3

Once you click in the Log button, you will see log history of changes done to the settings and the admins who did it. You may apply filters to refine the results.

Step 4

You will see the changes details and option to revert by clicking the “Restore” the changes

How to Switch between multiple accounts under Carbonate

You can watch a video here:

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