How to enable and apply advance public holiday leave?

On Carbonate, you can enable and let the employees apply for advance Public Holiday leave.  Yet, you can also restrict leave application on the eve of a public holiday and you can define the duration type.

Follow the steps below to implement the same in Carbonate.

 Please login to Carbonate with your credentials.

Step 1

Go to Settings.

Step 2

Click on the Leave/Holiday tab.

Make sure that you already imported the Public Holiday list for the year on Carbonate.

Step 3

Scroll down and click “Yes” for Leave for Public Holiday.

Step 4

Click Save.

Step 5

To apply for advance Public Holiday leave, go to the Leave section.

Step 6

Click on the Apply Leave or Apply Leave on-behalf.

Step 7

Click on the drop-down arrow for the Types of Leave.

You can now choose in advance what Public Holidays would you like to apply for.

Step 8

Select the First day of the leave.

Step 9

Select the Last day of the leave.

Step 10

Click Apply.

Step 11

Your newly applied advanced leave on public holiday will now be visible.

Step 12

You can also restrict leave on the eve of public holiday for the users by enabling the same.

Step 13

We can also set the duration type of the leave, need to be restricted for the users.


Note : Once this feature is enabled, users will not be able to take any leave (with chosen duration type) on the eve of public holiday.

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