How to Edit Leaves on Carbonate


Has someone applied for a wrong leave and now it needs to be edited on Carbonate HR app?
Let us help you with it. We have kept it simple and it does not involve any rocket science.

  • Leave can be Edited while it is pending for approval. Once it is approved, you can only cancel it but to edit the leave, contact your reporting manager.
  • You cannot edit a canceled or declined leave. Only reporting managers and admins can edit approved and pending leave records regardless of which date the leave falls.
  • Before editing user needs to apply for the leave as well.
Step 1

Login to the Carbonate HR app and click on Leave.

Step 2

Search for the user by typing the name in the search field.

Step 3

Click on the Edit Details button as shown in the screen below.

Step 4

Update the information in the form and click on Edit button at the bottom of the form to save it.

How to Cancel and Edit Leaves on Carbonate HR app

You can watch a video here:

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