Generate Individual Payslip

Doing payroll has never been this easy.

Carbonate HR app does all the calculations for you. All you have to do is to set the basic values, Carbonate HR app will calculate all the overtime, CPF contributions, commissions, etc. for you.

Kindly note that before generating the payroll basic salary are added to staff profile and if any other contribution funds(if any).

Few clicks, verify the data and you are done with the payroll!

Let's see how it happens


Step 1

Click on Staff list on the left-side menu.


Step 2

Look for the staff you want to create the payslip by typing the staff name in the search bar.


Step 3

Once you have located the staff profile, click on it to open the profile.


Step 4

Review staff information, NRIC/FIN, Nationality, etc. Also check basic salary, allowances/deductions, OT pay rate, commissions etc.
Update the data and click on the save button on each tab.


Step 5

Click on the Payslip tab at the top of the profile.


Step 6

Verify all the salary information and click on Generate report at the bottom of the payslip page.


sample payslip

Here is a sample payslip


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