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Imagine you are changing a company policy and wondering how your employees will react to this change. Would it help if you could collect some data of how many in favour and how many are not in favour of this change?

On Carbonate HR you can run a poll to know if your employees agree with the proposed changes. This is of one of the implementation of poll feature on Carbonate HR.


Step 1

To create such poll, click on the communications from the left side navigation

Step 2

Click on “Poll” tab from the top of the page

Step 3

To create a new Poll, click on “Create” button at the top right side of the page

Step 4

Fill up the Poll form title, description, starting and the closing dates, select the group or individuals you want to send it to and then add your questions. You may add as many as questions you want to within one poll form.

Step 5

Once the poll form is filled up, click on the send button

Step 6

You will be able to see all the running polls

Step 7

To view the answers to the poll, click on the number below the “Answer” list

Step 8

You will be able to view the results in percentage and also the respondents’ names

Step 9

To see which employees are yet to respond to a poll, click on the eye-like-icon next to the poll and you will see a dropdown list and the status of response

Step 10

Click on the three dots next to the poll in the poll history section to view results, resend the poll, edit the poll or to delete it.

Step 11

While creating poll it can be save as  a drafts and and later can create it after making the  changes.

Step 12

Once the save as drafts it will be visible in the drafts section.

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