Attendance Management

Managing staff attendance is very simple and convenient. One simple click and you are done.

Please check if you have created the Outlet before performing the attendance.

Step 1:

Login to Carbonate HR app with Admin or Manager rights and click on Attendance on the left side menu.


Step 2:

If the check-in time is correct and the staff is supposed to work, then click on the check sign. If not, click on the cross sign to reject the attendance.


Step 3 a:

In case someone forgets to check-out from work, you will see a notification of Missed check outs.
Admins are allowed to Force check out the users in such cases by clicking on the button as shown below which will open up a list of Missed check outs, select the time and date and click on Check out button in front of the user.


Step 3 b.



Step 4:

If you wish to correct or amend staff’s attendance, click on the button next to the approved attendance in the attendance history section of the attendance page.


Step 5:

By clicking on the edit button, you will see a form to update the record. Once you have updated the record, click on Save button.


Step 6:

If you want the attendance to be auto-approved, simply go to settings then click on Company at the top of the page, scroll down to Auto approved attendance and change it to Yes. By doing this, all the Check-ins & Check-outs of your staff will automatically be approved.


Step 7:

If you want to delete a particular attendance record, you can simply delete it by clicking on the delete button.

Attendance Management on Carbonate HR app

You can also watch a video here:

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