Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Colleagues

Murtuza Topiwalla
Feb 10

The Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year as some people might call it, is here. As we enter the year of the Ox, many are planning to buy gifts for their friends, family, and colleagues. It may be challenging to select appropriate gifts for colleagues because several factors need to be considered. These include cultural norms and the status of the receiver. The Chinese New Year represents an opportunity to express heartfelt appreciation for colleagues and professional mentors. Giving a thoughtful and meaningful gift is one way to show appreciation and gratitude. There are several alternatives to choose from:

1. Bucket of Flowers


For this year’s Chinese New Year, bring along a pretty bucket of flowers and let your colleague enjoy a pretty sight at the office. Chinese believe if you brought the flower before the Chinese New Year and if the flower has foliage, you will have a happy, healthy & wealthy year to come! Who doesn’t want that? 

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2. Tangerine

Oranges are one of the most prevalent food icons of the Chinese New Year. Oranges are a common good luck symbol. The comparisons come from a similarity between the tangerine and gold Chinese phrases, as well as a resemblance between the orange and good luck words. Your colleagues would love this since everyone wishes for good luck in the year to come.

3. Teaware

Everyone loves tea. When you and your team have a lunch or afternoon break, tea is the perfect companion. With tea being an important element of the Chinese tradition, teaware would be a perfect gift for your colleague. A short afternoon break but make it fancy with a pretty teaware set.

4. Lunch Treat


Now, who doesn’t enjoy a free lunch? If you want a Chinese New Year gift that everyone would appreciate, bring them to a good Chinese restaurant. There are a lot of places to go to in Singapore. So you may ask which one is the best restaurant to go to? Uncle Leong Signature: or Shang Social are among our favorite restaurants to go: Just thinking about the foods that already made you hungry.

5. Red Envelopes

Red envelopes containing money, commonly called ‘lai see’ in Cantonese and ‘hongbao’ in Mandarin, are one of the most popular gifts given during the Chinese New Year. The red envelopes signify good luck, happiness, and energy. 

We hope you enjoyed our Chinese gift ideas and find inspiration from it. The last year has been pretty rough for most of us, let’s use this occasion to bring happiness to others no matter how small. Wishing you good luck and prosperity in the year of Ox. Happy Chinese New Year!


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