Setting up Company Profile


Now that we have signed up for Carbonate HR app and logged into it successfully, let's start setting up the Company Profile. It is much easier than it sounds. You can do it by following the steps below.

Step 1

Click on the “Settings” in the left-side menu
There are 4 tabs on the settings page

  • Personal Settings
  • Company Settings
  • Leave Settings
  • Appraisal Settings
  • Billing
Step 2 (Personal)

Select a language you feel comfortable with (English or Chinese).

Step 3

There are two types of Notifications

  • Email Notifications
  • Mobile Notifications
These notification are related to this admin account. You may disable them If you do not wish to receive any notifications. ![alt](/blog/content/images/2018/06/Notifications.png)
Step 4 (Company Settings):

Under “Company Settings” you have following settings,

  • Employee Ranks:
  • You can set up “Ranks” for your staff. These ranks may be used for different levels of staff.
  • Legal Entities:
  • Multiple companies can be set up within one Carbonate account. It will automatically apply the rules of the country selected from the dropdown list. For example, if the company is operating in Singapore, we will need to provide UEN number and type of business entity (VCT, LTD or AMS)
  • Public Holidays:
  • We can add public holidays in two ways,
    • Through import function, using a template
    • A template can be downloaded by clicking on “Import Holidays”, this will initiate a file (.csv) download which can be used as a template to import the public holidays. (Please delete the dummy dates and populate the file with actual public holidays and dates)
    • Add manually
    • Click on “+Add another holiday” below the “Public holiday” label to add new public holiday and select the date(s) for each public holiday. If you wish to delete any public holiday, click “X” next to it and the public holiday will be deleted. If an amendment is required, just click on the leave and update the dates and title of a public holiday. ![alt](/blog/content/images/2018/06/Company-settings-1.png)
  • Company Working Days: Select the working days of your company.
  • Accessibility: This accessibility will define what is visible to the manager category accounts and the staff category accounts. You may disable the modules which you do not want the respective account categories to see.
  • Assigned Hours: You may choose to provide daily working hours or weekly working hours.
    Step 5

    Click on “Save” button once you have populated all the fields.

    Step 6 (Leaves Settings):

    Different types of leave, for example, annual leave, medical leave, unpaid leave, etc. can be created in the general settings. Any leave created in general settings will be allotted to all accounts including Admin, Manager and staff.
    To create new leave type click on “+add leave type” and fill in the form to apply company rules. To delete any particular leave type, click on the “Delete” button in front of the leave type or click “Edit” if you wish to edit the leave type.

    Step 7

    Select options “Yes” or “No” to apply company policies on child care leave sharing policy, birthday leave policy, auto approval of check-in & check-out of staff, work on public holidays etc.

    Step 8

    Click on “Save” button to save all the leave policies.

    Step 9 (Billing)

    Click on settings and then click on Billing tab at the top of the page. You will see details of your current plan and Change/Upgrade your plan.

    Step 10

    Click on Upgrade button shown in the change/upgrade section. There are two methods to pay for your Carbonate subscription

    • Online payment (with credit card)
    • Offline payment (with cheque)
    Step 11

    After clicking on Upgrade button, you will see a number of users accounts you have on carbonate. You may increase the number of users if you want to add more users on carbonate, else, click on “Upgrade now” button which will open up another form asking for the card details. Fill up the form and click on “Pay” button. You will receive payment email and payment receipt.

    Step 12

    To pay with a cheque, click on upgrade button and then click on “Cheque Payment” and you will see a form. Fill up the form and click on “Add” button at the bottom of the form.

    (We shall share a separate user guide for Appraisal Settings)

    You can watch a video on Settings

    You can watch a video for Billing

    Still need assistance? No worries!
    We would love to help you. Feel free to write us at

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