Export Staff Data from Carbonate HR app

If you ever wish to export your staff data from Carbonate, it can easily be done.

This will be very helpful for audit and to keep the staff information safe.

Follow the steps as stated below to download all the staff information you need.

Step 1

Login to Carbonate with Admin account and click on the staff list on the left menu.

Step 2

Click on the "Select export option" at the top pf the page and click on "Export users"

Step 3

Select any specific, multiple outlets or all in the outlet dropdown list.

Select a particular staff, Multiple staff of all in the employee dorpdown list

Once the outlet and the staff have been selected, click on the download button to download the staff data.

You may watch a video for the guidelines.

Still need assistance? No worries!We would love to help you. Feel free to write us at support@carbonateapp.com

Aneeq Khan

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